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2 mm Natural Stone Flexible Veneer Sheets - FeatherStone

Here’s a stone which serves as wall paper or cladding on any facade, easy and fast to use but ace in strength and still giving a sense of natural stone.

FeatherStone consists of a thin layer of natural slate stone reinforced with a base of polyester and fiber glass to provide strength and dimensional stability.

FeatherStone materials can be used almost anywhere for Exterior and Interior Cladding requirements.- on Exterior Facades , Ceilings, Furniture, Elevators , Walls of any type ………including bath & shower walls………… backdrops, counters…& with its capability to bend & take shape of curves, the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.

FeatherStone Sheet sizes

30X30, 30x60, 60X60, 60X90 & 60x120 Cm

Special sizes are also possible.