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Circular Paving Packs

The Circular Paving system provides hand-cut or saw cut geometric shapes as a complete kit in an easy to lay format. Different sizes of circle are attainable depending on the number of rings added to the design or by adding a Squaring off kit.


Dia 6 Ft.:      25 Pcs Set                  28.26 Sq. Ft.

Dia 8 Ft.:      41 Pcs.Set                  50.24 Sq. Ft.

Dia 10 Ft.:    41 Pcs.Set                  78.50 Sq. Ft.

Dia 12 Ft.:    41 Pcs.Set                113.04 Sq. Ft.

Squaring off kits available


Calibrated  1”, Natural: 1”-1.38”


Surface Finish:

Natural cleft, Sawn, Honed, Polished, Leather, Flamed, Sand Blasted, Shot Blasted, Bush Hammered, Brushed, Tumbled.



 Sawn / Hand Dressed



Calibrated / Sawn / Natural