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Ethical Supply Chain:

At 7 Rave we are aware of our social responsibilities in trading with organisations around the world. In this light we support the Ethical trading initiative base code.

We ensure that our suppliers meet all such requirements:

• Employees are given equal opportunities

• Wages are paid in accordance with local laws to maintain a standard of living

• Child labor is not used

• Hours of working and working conditions are maintained to a safe standard

• No employment shall be bonded nor forced, with the rights to collective bargaining and freedom of association respected

• Intimidation by violence, threat, abuse or physical discipline shall not occur

• Employment provided shall be subject to conditions of local laws

• We encourage our suppliers to embrace a policy of continuous improvement beyond minimum standards


Sustainability Responsiveness:  

We have strategic partners who understand sustainability issues & energy consumption is monitored from quarry to the production levels along with the impact to the environment pertaining to the ground and surface water, discharges to air, waste salvage and removal, noise contamination, and the visual influence to the surroundings.